IntelliSite Dynamic Canvases
These canvases are only available for IntelliSite clients. If you are working with Elexio's newest CMS, Amp Vibe, please view the Amp Vibe Dynamic Canvas Collections.
Choose from any of the great designs below to use as a dynamic canvases on your IntelliSite website.
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Autumn Dusk
Black Onyx
Burgundy Base
Caribbean Water
Charcoal Plumbs on Granite
Charcoal Paradigm Steel
Clean Berry Popper
Clean Citrus Popper
Clean Cola Popper
Clear Creamsickle
Clear Sandy Beach
Clear Cherry Cheesecake
Columbian Coffee
Columbian Sunrise
Columbian Vinyard
Combustion Force
Construction Frenzy
Cruise Ship
Edinburgh Plains
Edinburgh Vinyard
Electric Blue
Exhilarating Spring
Fiber Optic
Flag Parallel
Fresh Citrus
Imperial Ruby
Open Skies
Refined Clay
Rule Dawn
Rule Starless
Rule Sunburst
Simple Cerulean
Simple Pumpkin
Sky Lunar
Smooth African Savanna
Smooth Deep Sea
Sophisticated Silver
Sophisticated Green
Sophisticated Aqua
Striped Polar Flare
Striped Ocenaic
Striped Southwest
Surge Copper Skyline
Surge Emerald Skyline
Surge Platinum Skyline
The Avenue
Victorian Scrapbook Traditional
Victorian Scrapbook Gold
Victorian Scrapbook Verde
White Out