IntelliSite Dynamic Canvases
These canvases are only available for IntelliSite clients. If you are working with Elexio's newest CMS, Amp Vibe, please view the Amp Vibe Dynamic Canvas Collections.
Choose from any of the great designs below to use as a dynamic canvases on your IntelliSite website.
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Connect Black and White
Connect Blue
Connect Bronze
Connect Pastel
Connect Rainbow
Converge Black
Converge Blue
Converge Lime
Converge Red
Converge White
Converge Yellow
Corrugation Blue
Corrugation Gold
Corrugation Green
Corrugation Rust
Focus Black
Focus Blue
Focus Red
Focus White
Focus Yellow
Frame Blue
Frame Orange
Frame White
Frame Yellow
Paradigm Teal
Paradigm Cherry
Paradigm Gold
Paradigm Plum
Paradigm Rose
Splash Blue
Splash Lime
Splash Orange
Splash Yellow
Wallpaper Chocolate
Wallpaper Antique Gold
Wallpaper Summer Green
Wallpaper Red Velvet